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In July, 2021, our Facebook Group will become accessible by Official PGO Members only. Learn about these important changes & become part of our community!



JUNE 14, Pastel Goth is announcing its evolution towards Official PGO Membership.

JUNE 14 - JULY 11 (a month!) PG access will remain FREE for all existing members, give everyone time to understand the upcoming changes, and plenty of time to sign up as an Official PGO Member!

JULY 12 - 25 The Pastel Goth Facebook Group will be PAUSED, in order to make sure that every single existing group member understands how our community is changing, and why, and has a chance to be a part of our evolution.

JULY 26 The Pastel Goth Facebook Group will reopen, fresh and full of Official Members--members who care about our values, respect our rules, and want to be an active and healthy part of our community! AH! We can't wait!



Pastel Goth has been relying on free professional labor for the last 4 years in order to keep the community alive. That is no longer sustainable. 

We want to add new stuff for our members, but don't have the resources. We can't grow anymore. Without community support, we can't even survive anymore. 

Official Membership will mean we can stay open, ethically support our staff, improve the quality of our community, add cool new things for members (see our bennies section!), and protect our community from Facebook interference. 

It is the crucial next step in our evolution. And we're so excited!




Becoming a PGO Member is easy. Just follow these 2 easy steps! Our membership fee is only $3 a month! Not sure yet? Check out all our Member Benefits!


Our Google Form collects your member info and includes a membership agreement.
Plz read it carefully! Our rules are important. 


The form will send you to our Buy Me A Coffee page so you can subscribe, or just click below!



With Official Membership, we will be able to continue offering all of our regular member bennies! Read about them in more detail on our Community Guidelines page. 

1) Enjoy a private space!
What happens in PG, stays in PG. You can be yourself.

2) Make new friends!
Get to know other likeminded people from all over the world!

3) Get advice & learn new skills!
Our group is full of members that will help you be your best self!

4) We are inclusive!
We do not allow discrimination of any kind.

5) We keep our space curated!
No spam, weird ads, rants, or politics--every post is reviewed.

6) We are bully free!
Most fashion and makeup groups are full of bullying, opinion spam, gatekeeping and member shaming. We choose kindness.

7) We have an extensively trained & skilled mod team!
All mods are trained in Compassion First Leadership. Learn more.

8) We have our own website!
We created a website just so our rules were easier for our members to find. It is ad free too! No popups, just info.

9) We support small biz!
 We created the Shopping Guide to celebrate & promote our members' small businesses, and we allow our shops to advertise!

We will also be able to offer many new benefits as well! And by benefits we mean GINORMOUS IMPROVEMENTS. Not kidding. This list is LAWNG. And we're just getting started!

1) Monthly Contests with Cool Prizes!
Are you up for the challenge? We're planning a new contest every month with all kinds of prizes. Entries will include art, movies, makeup and more! Check out our Contest Page for more info!

2) Weekly Emails to Keep You in the Game!
Just because you missed a Facebook post, doesn't mean you should miss out on a contest, update, or announcement! Our weekly Newsletter will keep you informed--ad and spam free.

3) Lower Prices for the Shopping Guide!
With support from our members, we will be able to afford our website services, and be able to lower the price for our Shopping Guide listed small biz owners!

4) Opening the Lifestyle Guide!
We can't wait to open the LG and provide advertising & support to our members who are Alt Professionals! From MUAs to DJs, SWs to Twitch Streamers, we want to celebrate & support all of you!

5) Opening Our Blog!
From fashion to mental health, music to parenting, we want to offer our members epic articles and vlogs on a wide variety of topics, designed just for you, with our quality & values!

6) Publishing a Halloween Coloring Book!
We loved putting together our First Official Coloring Book, featuring the art of over 30 of our members. We want our Halloween Book to be even bigger!

7) More of Your Content on our Social Media!
Our members are fabulous, fashionable, gorgeous and creative! We will have more time to dedicate to showing off our members on our website & social media! Which we love doing. Srsly.

8) More Moderating Action!
With more mods being trained, and a lower mod-to-member ratio, mods will be able to respond faster to any reported content or broken rules, for an even more peaceful community experience. 

9) The Return of CW/TW Content!
With a lower member-to-mod ratio, we will be able to open posting up to include CW content, and be able to properly supervise these sensitive conversations. Members can address difficult things that matter in a safe, wholesome space!

10) Higher Quality Members!
Facebook does not give us the tools to properly filter members. New membership requirements will mean no spam accounts, no creeps, and no bullies sliding in under the radar!

11) More Personal Time & Attention!
Official Membership will make it possible to have full-time staff around to answer member messages, questions & emails FASTER!

12) Upgraded Group Content!
We will be able to plan things like celebrating holidays properly, hosting fundraisers, AMAs, polls, discord chats, get to know you threads, and more!

13) Independence from Facebook!
Facebook has the power to close groups, at whim & without explanation. If that happened to us rn, PG would be lost. Official Membership will protect our community by separating it from fb. If we ever have to change platforms, our community can go on!

Our current member benefits already require 2 full time staff and 15 part time. In order to ethically compensate them, and then expand our team to add all these benefits and more, we need our community to support us!



Facebook is free, and does not charge for groups. However, we, Pastel Goth, are charging for access to our services. Maintaining a curated community takes over 500 hours a week in technical, mental, creative, emotional and social labor. Without our endless work, PG would be a free-for-all full of bullying, spam, and discrimination.

There are currently many private/paid membership FB groups, most of them require $15 or more a month to join. We are keeping our basic membership at just $3 a month in order to keep our community accessible to our members. Our staff aren't getting rich off of this, we're paying our rent, buying food & medication--the basics.

WILL I STILL GET MY POSTS DECLINED? PG is going to remain a curated group, which means every post will be reviewed. Just like before, members will be expected to follow the rules. Payment doesn't give you the freedom to break them. 

WILL THE GROUP RULES BE CHANGINGPG's Community Guidelines will remain the same. If we do adjust rules, it will be to add to the quality of our community, which is our top priority. All PGO members will be updated of any changes by email! 

WHAT IF I'M IN THE SHOPPING GUIDE? We will be sending emails to all our SG listed members to explain the changes & upgrades we have planned, including ridiculously reduced annual SG fees for PGO members! We can't wait to spend more time hyping our members' small businesses!

WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN THE GROUP GOES ON PAUSE? While we are on pause, all of our other programs will still be active! Newsletters will go out on Mondays, our Insta and our Facebook page will be active, and we will be available if you have questions. 

WILL THERE BE MEMBERSHIP TIERS? Yes! We can't wait to roll out our different membership options, as soon as we can afford all the cool tier benefits we want to include!

DOES THIS MEAN PG IS GOING CORPORATE & GOING TO BE TAKEN OVER BY CAPITALISTIC ASSHOLES? No way! In order to keep 1000s of members organized, we have to get fancy about certain things, but really we're just a small team of people at home with our laptops, doing our best to take care of our members! Our values are staying the same, we just need money to keep our community sustainable (ie put food on the table).