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Dru Zi & Sky Kyo
Pastel Goth is not your average Facebook group. It is a carefully curated inclusive community. We have designed a cutting edge environment where thousands of members from all over the world enjoy alt culture, make friends, and express themselves without discrimination, elitism, or judgement of any kind. 
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It's a 24/7 job to keep up with our global community! In order to keep up with our group's demands, we now have 2 full time and 10 part time leaders keeping our community fresh, fun and safe for everyone. In order to keep our group sustainable, we have expanded to become a brand. 
All of our project proceeds go directly to supporting our community, and all of our projects are intentionally designed to benefit our members and the Alt community at large. We work exclusively with companies that share our values: kindness, equality and respect. 

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Pastel Goth is not your average Facebook group. We are a carefully curated inclusive community.
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