Pastel Goth is not your average Facebook group! It is a carefully curated digital community. We created a safe space where over 30k members engage in alt culture without discrimination, gatekeeping, elitism, or judgement of any kind.
With mottos like, "Be Kind or Die" and "Hate Isn't Cute" our community is bully-free and thrives on encouraging one another (and a lot of shopping!). Want to be a part of our Creepy Cute world? Join us on Facebook.
Pastelgoth.org was created to support the needs of the community members, and is growing to support the alt community at large. It was designed by Sky Kyo, the founder of the Pastel Goth Community, as a place to celebrate and share the beauty of Pastel Goth culture with the world. 
The brand shares the values of the Pastel Goth Community, including ethical shopping, support of small businesses and inclusivity. All prices are designed to cover basic project costs, and raise funds for community use. No profit is made.
Pastel Goth began as a Tumblr fashion trend in 2010. Over a decade later, it has become its own subculture. The aesthetic is simple: take goth fashion and pastels and smash them together. But the idea of breaking the boundary between all that is fragile, beautiful and tender and everything dark, gory and destructive has created a subculture that is defying limits which far exceed fashion. 

Although it began as an aesthetic, Pastel Goths are quick to declare that being a Pastel Goth does *not* require an aesthetic at all. Pastel on the outside, goth on the inside. Goth on the outside, pastel on the inside. Both on the outside. Both on the inside: All of these are Pastel Goth.   

Pastel Goth has its heroes (see below) but it is not tied to music, literature or celebrity, so it is free to shape itself. In this shaping, it is becoming one of the most progressive subcultures happening right now. With zero tolerance for those who limit others, Pastel Goth is loudly inclusive, standing against every kind of discrimination, including the elitism and gatekeeping often found in subcultural groups. 
Blooming true to its Kawaii roots, Pastel Goth is predominantly feminine, and fiercely rebellious against the patriarchy. But Pastel Goth is not a "Girl's Club" and anyone is welcome who can appreciate values like friendship, creativity, and self expression.  
From self-defining to defying its own aesthetic, Pastel Goth is comfortable contradicting itself, blending opposites; being complicated. Artfully celebrating both life *and* death with brave, brutal honesty, Pastel Goth is powerful, beautiful, unpredictable and unstoppable.  
COMING SOON, with lots of pictures. :3